New Fotoset Twins 15.10.2016

  It’s pleasure to take care about beautiful ladies and it’s doubled when they are twins. Tripled by totally different haircuts!

Beware of parking zones

Parking zones had happend to Prague 5. Updated travel info is here>. My advice – park IN the yard in front of Napařená hlava or in the shopping mall Tesco near … Continue Reading →

Summer vacations 2016

Summer is here and we are plannig some vacations. We will be away in this terms: Tomáš 29.6.-6.7. a 5.8.-10.8.. Aalenky 18.-22.7. a 17.-28.8. We substitute each other 🙂 Aaaand contacts: … Continue Reading →

Change in pricing

We are forced to increase one item in pricelist. Don’t worry, just one and just a little bit.