Price list

This price list is valid from 1.2.2022.


Hair cutHair washing and haircut/trim800 Kč
Hair and beard cutHair washing, haircut/trim, beard cut/trim1 000 Kč
Beard cutBeard cut/trim by scissors/trimmer500 Kč
Cut „deluxe“Hair and beard cut + one more service (e.g. razor shave, head spa, etc.)1 500 Kč


Short hair cutWashing, haircut/trim and styling800 Kč
Middle length hair cutWashing, haircut/trim and styling1 000 Kč
Long hair cutWashing, haircut/trim and styling1 200 Kč
Hairdo/ coiffureHair styling/updo for formal event, party, etc.1500 – 4000 Kč


Haircut500 Kč

Hair Dying

Hairdye (color)1500 – 3000 Kč
Hair lightening/highlights1300 – 3000 Kč
Toning/direct pigments800 – 1600 Kč
Henna coloring (přírodní barviva)1200 – 2500 Kč

Prices can change upon difficulty and demands of the provided services