Reopening 3.5.2021

Hurrayy, we can open again! But be aware, that goverment set some rules for clients. Read it, please, we did our best to translate it:

What clients need to fullfill:

  1. negative Covid-19 test or one of these variations:
    • PCR test not older than 7 days
    • Antigen test not older than 72hours
    • certificate from MZ ČR that you finished second round of vacination
    • lab approved (positive test or doctor certifikate) endure of covid-19 in less than 90 days (after quarantine)
    • certificate that you have been tested in work in less than 72h
    • self test to covid-19 before entering the salon
  2. face protective mask KN95 or PFF2 or better (covering your face properly)
  3. do not have any symptoms of covid-19
  4. allow us writte you down to our list of customers (we must create the list for possible epidemiological inquiry)

We can’t serve you without it 🙁 Anyhow you can arrange your appointment as you are used to it.

How to arrange appointment

Text us via SMS , write us what you want (cut hair, cut beard, collor…), what time approx. you can come (anytime during the day, after work, luchtime, morning, evenings…) and don’t forget your name (yeah, it happens)

Contacts: Alena +420721241664, Tomáš +420739774068, Inka-Fírer +420728255075

See you soon in Napařená!

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