In Napařená hlava everybody is very welcomed. It is better to have your own hairstylist with good knowledge of your style and attitude and especially your hair. We offer complete portfolio of hairdressing services. Not only haircuts and coloring but also daily or event hairstyling (wedding, business meetings etc.):

  • haircuts for women, men and children
  • shaving
  • hair styling and shaving – daily care
  • styling and shaving for special events
  • coloring of hair and beard
  • merchandising
  • consultancy

We are working with O&M colors and cosmetics. O&M CØR.color is clean from Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol. More about this brad is on their page>

Second brand in our portfolio of hair cosmetics is brand Insight. Their page>

We are using and experimenting with few more brands, always ensure they are cruelty free, vegan and preferably bio, eco and fair trade.


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