Tomáš The Reporter – Hair-cutting on a beach

You already know what this is about – Tomáš on his journeys, testing local barbershops, adventure report… But this time, it will be the other way round, or when a hairdresser mentions that he has scissors on him on holiday. Hair-cutting on a beach in Puerto Escondido in Mexico:

What I like about traveling is the spontaneity, random situations and getting to know new people. I´m just hurtling to the sea and on my way I meet Kristyna and Gabin. These two let me in on a little secret – that on one of the beaches turtles are being released back to the sea. We were chatting for a while and eventually I spent a nice evening at a beach bar with them.

What a foolish idea it was of me to tell them that I´m actually a hairdresser and that I had scissors on me (see my first double report from Mexico>).
The next day we met on the beach again, one thing led to another, Corona led to Corona. I cut Týna´s hair right at the beach bar, it was quite wacky… the number of potential customers increased…

I did it for free, but Týna totally shut her ear to it and in return, she started to buy shouts of Mezcal and beers! After a short while I couldn´t handle the sight of Gabin´s hirsute trap and I cut his beard… This led to a real Mezcal circus… what a nutty idea.

I was drunk as a skunk, three sheets to the wind… I was glad that I had at least little time to come round a bit at the local taco restaurant. Then I spent the night on the bus. I slept for about 3 hours and even now, when I´m writing this, my hands are still shaking a little bit… howk T.

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