Freak show

Only for those who are brave enough: here you can find little bit more about 3 creatures standing behind Napařená hlava. Look closer, don’t be shy and enjoy our freak show.

Crew of Napařená hlava:

Alena Krejčová

Appointments: hairstylist, barber, decoration and fire element

Interests: singing, cycling

Why to set an appointment with Aalenky? She is fast, precise and creative, can advise you with the right hairstyle or color.

Contact: tel.: +420 721 241 664

Tomáš Vavřina

Appointments: hairstylist, barber, happiness maker and water element

Interests: wife Alice, sport, hanging out with friends, cats and snake

Why set an appointment with Tomáš? He has an individual approach to the client, perfect hairstyling and shaving and he is technology specialist of Napařená hlava.

Contact: tel.: +420 739 774 068



Inka Šrédlová

Appointments: salon manager, craftwoman, bossing and mobbing

Interest: Kraken rearing, handmade bijouterie, Stephen King´s books

Why to set an appointment with Inka? She’s junior hairdresser at the moment – training heads required! She is still manager, so any questions and requirements are still up to her head 😉

Contact:  tel.: +420 728 255 075,  e-mail: inka(@), facebook: Fírer z Napařené hlavy



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