Promo 2020 – our faces

From time to time it’s good to catch some pictures… or mabye not… 😀 Anyway, here we are:

Reopened since 11.5.2020

Wooohooo, we can work again! And we work as usual – appointments only. To book your time, write sms to your hairdresser/barber: Inka Šrédlová (Fírer) – tel.: +420 728 255 … Continue Reading →

Čus virus, we are corona-closed

Since 14.3.2020 till – we don’t know – we must close our freak show… due to goverment order. We hope we can open soon. Stay safe!

Updates in english version

Well, slowly but trully I’m adding translations of Tomas’s reports… There is new Bar with article category on the right side. Hopefully english version will be more saturated soon 😉 … Continue Reading →